Building a workshop? Whether you are a hobbyist or a pro, there is one thing that you will need – the best bench vise.

A bench vise will be used for securing an object while you are working. It has a parallel jaw that will squeeze together through a threaded lever and will keep an object still.

Whether you are welding, gluing, sanding, or drilling, among other tasks, a bench vise will come in handy.

Choosing a bench vise, however, is not an easy process. They may all look and work the same, but the quality will vary greatly from one product to another.

Need help in looking for the best bench vise? Keep on reading and we’ll help you make the right choice!

Our Top Picks for the Best Bench Vise

Having a hard time choosing? We’ll make your life easier. Here are the top products that should be on your radar.

#1. Yost LV-4 Home Vise

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If the budget is an important consideration, you can hardly get wrong with this vise from Yost. This is one of the cheapest from the products in our recommendations.

Despite being cheap, you can be confident that Yost delivers superior quality. It has a swivel base of versatility. Users can rotate the base at a maximum angle of 240 degrees.

Another thing that we like about the base is how secure it is, which prevents it from being wobbly when you are working. There are four mounting holes where you can secure the bolts.

It is also notable because of its 30,000 PSI cast-iron construction. The vise uses excellent material to guarantee its longevity.

The vise also has a blue powder coating, which protects the product from rust and corrosion.

However, while this is a great vise, we suggest that you limit its use to small tasks. It cannot handle heavy duty-jobs.

#2. Yost 445 Heavy-Duty Combination Pump and Bench Vise

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Made by the same manufacturer as the product mentioned above, this bench vise comes with a large anvil. This provides an area for hammering or flattening, among other things.

There is a 360-degree swivel base in this bench vise. This means that you can conveniently rotate the material that you are working with.

It comes with four mounting tabs. This allows you to screw the vise on the bench securely so that it won’t wobble regardless of the force you apply when working.

We also love the grooved jaws, which are replaceable. With the design of the jaws, it will demonstrate excellent gripping power on several materials.

The cast-iron body of the vise is also impressive, similar to the product mentioned above. This will protect from external elements.

#3. Tekton 4-inch Swivel Bench Vise

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With a tensile strength of 30,000 PSI, this is hard to match in terms of its performance. It can impressively hold a variety of materials.

This is also great if you are looking for a durable bench vise. One good reason for this is its cast-iron construction, allowing it to withstand the test of time.

You will also like how easy it will be to make adjustments when you are using this bench vise. You can swivel the base at up to 120 degrees to position the material accordingly.

The acme-threaded screws are also great. They will make sure that the screws will glide smoothly without binding.

It is also a good thing that it comes with a polished steel anvil. This will be a great place for shaping metal pieces.

#4. Irwin Tools Multi-Purpose Bench Vise

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Another great option for the best bench vise, we love how versatile this is. With its multi-functional design, it can deliver a great job in multiple tasks.

If you are still not compelled to buy this vise, you might have a change of mind after knowing that it comes with a lifetime warranty. This is how confident the manufacturer is about the quality of this product.

There is also an integrated anvil. Aside from an additional work area, the anvil also balances the design of the vise to keep it stable as you work.

The fused steel handle is also a good feature. This will make it effortless for you to do the necessary adjustments.

#5. Wilton 11106 Bench Vise

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Steel and cast iron are the main materials that are used in this option for the best bench vise. Because of these materials, you can be confident that it will be durable.

The large anvil of the vise is one thing that many of you will like. This provides an additional work area, such as when you need to flatten metal.

It also has a double lockdown swivel base, so you can be sure that it stays in the right position regardless of how aggressive you are working.

There are grooved steel jaw inserts with excellent grip. This means that it will easily hold almost any material that you need to keep in between the jaws.

#6. Forward DT08125A Heavy-Duty Bench Vise

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Whether it is for grinding, cutting, or drilling, among other tasks, this is another great choice for the best bench vise.

There is a 360-degree base, which will make it great if you are looking for versatility. This will improve material placement and user control.

Meanwhile, to ensure that it is secure in its position, the base of the vise comes with four mounting holes.

We also like how it comes with self-align pipe jaws. This will improve the clamping pressure and will minimize the chances of marring.

Lastly, there are also three sets of jaws, making it multifunctional. You can choose from a built-in pipe, machinist, and V-jaws. It also has grooves for superior grip on any material.

#7. Dewalt DXCMBV6 Heavy-Duty Bench Vise

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The brand name itself can already be a compelling reason to choose this product over its competitors.

It is made using steel and cast-iron components. These are best-in-class materials, so you can expect the best from this bench vise even after years of use.

The 120-degree swivel base will let you easily rotate the material you are working with. However, it does not rotate fully, unlike those that come with a 360-degree swivel base.

It has a micro-grooved steel jaws. With the latter, you can expect that the material will not be moving, allowing you to work properly and safely.

Another feature that you will love is the large anvil. This will provide an additional work area, such as when material needs hammering.

Lastly, this bench vise comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. They will stand by their product, which speaks a lot about how much they believe in its quality.

#8. Capri Tools 10515 Ultimate Grip Forged Steel Bench Vise

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With a tensile strength of 90,000 PSI, this is one of the most powerful from the products included on our list.

It also has a 360-degree swivel base, which means that you can make a full rotation if you want to change the position of the material you are working on.

You don’t have to worry about durability. With its forged steel construction, it will last through the years. Best of all, it is two to three times cheaper compared to most of its competitors.

The pipe and machinist jaws are replaceable. In the future, when the jaws have problems, you don’t have to replace the entire bench vise.

Lastly, like the bench vise from Dewalt mentioned above, Capri Tools is also offering a lifetime warranty. That’s how confident they are about the overall quality of this bench vise!

#9. WEN 454BV 4-inch Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Bench Vise with Swivel Base

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With a non-slip 4-inch jaw, this is another bench vise that can hold almost any material in place. Whether you will be polishing, sawing, or drilling, among others, this vise can help.

The vise comes with a clamping force of 2,440 pounds. You can be confident that it will have a tight grip on almost any workpiece.

It also comes with a 150-degree swivel base. While we appreciate this feature, some people might prefer having a bench vise that can swivel fully at 360 degrees.

The warranty that the manufacturer offers is only two years. We honestly find this to be too short, especially considering how there are cheaper products with a lifetime warranty.

#10. Grant Tools Professional Bench Vise Fixed Base

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The high-grade cast iron construction is one reason why we are including this product on our recommendations for the best bench vise.

With the material that is used in this vise, it can resist external elements that can speed up wear. Even through the years, it will look and work as good as new.

To make it even more durable, there is also a powder coating. This will allow the cast iron to resist corrosion.

The bench vise comes with reversible steel jaws. These 4-inch jaws deliver a strong and stable grip on any material.

Lastly, every purchase of this product allows you to help a local community. The company is donating a portion of their sales to charity.

#12. RIDGID 6697 Model F-60 Bench Vise

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A lot of you may instantly be discouraged after seeing the price of this product. That should never be the case. The cost is sure to be worth the features!

The all-steel drop-forged construction is one of the defining features of this bench vise. You can be confident that it will remain in its peak condition even after many years.

The parallel jaw alignment system, an exclusive feature, is another asset of this bench vise. It ensures precision when you are clamping any material.

It is also impressive because of the ergonomic steel handle. It has rubber rings that will make it easy to use.

#13. Olympia Tools 38-604 Bench Vise

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Olympia has a good reputation for its budget-friendly tools. With that, it is unsurprising that this is another top option for the best bench vise.

It has a 4-inch hardened steel jaw, which is exceptional in terms of durability. Most importantly, the jaw has an excellent grip to hold any material in place.

At the back of the vise, there is a small handle. This will provide an additional area for other things you need to do, such as when flattening metal.

There is also a durable spindle handle. This is responsible for protection against dirt and chips.

#14. Grizzly Industrial G7062 Multipurpose Bench Vise

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The big daddy of bench vises – this is one of the nicknames of this another top option for the best bench vise.

With a weight of 19 kilograms, this is one of the largest from the products that are listed in this buying guide.

The cast-iron body is the main reason why it is durable. This will make sure that you can use the vise for a lifetime.

Another good thing about this vise is the rotating jaw. You can use it with pipe jaws, and after rotating, it can be used with regular jaws.

It also comes with a 360-degree rotation. You can have a full rotation of the base depending on the ideal position of the workpiece.

#15. HFS Heavy-Duty Bench Vise

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Value for money – this is what you can expect from this bench vise. It is affordable but can deliver decent performance, especially for hobbyists.

The vise comes with power serrated steel jaws. They can provide excellent grip strength, so the workpiece will be stable in its place.

The swivel locking base is also a plus. This makes it effortless to secure the vise in its position without the risk that it will rotate or wobble while you are working.

It also delivers an incredible clamping material. Even for heavy materials, you can expect that the jaws will be amazing.

#16. Craftsman 5-inch Bench Vise

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With a 180-degree swivel, you can rotate the base to position the workpiece as desired. However, some people noted that they prefer a 360-degree swivel base.

One of the highlights of the bench vise is the reversible design of the plate. It is easy to switch it out depending on the plate that you will need for a specific job.

The machined anvil top is another great feature of this bench vise. It is designed in a way that it can withstand pounding.

It is also worth noting that it comes with grippy throats. At its size, it can handle materials with a diameter of up to 2.5 inches.

The V-grooved jaw is also exceptional. This will provide additional gripping power on a wide array of materials.

#17. Forward CR60A Bench Vise

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With the high-strength cast-iron construction of its body, you can be confident that this bench vise will remain functional through the years.

Like many of the options for the bench vise mentioned in this guide, it also comes with a small anvil. This will provide an additional work area.

The base swivels at 270 degrees. Instead of being the one moving around, you can simply rotate the base to work on a specific part of the material that is clamped.

It also has a superior bite force, which means that the grip will be impressive. It has a clamping force of 60,000 PSI, which is more than what you can expect from most of its competitors.

#18. Pony 4-inch Heavy-Duty Bench Vise

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Concluding our list of the best bench vise is a budget-friendly option. It has a 4-inch jaw width that can accommodate a variety of materials.

It has a hardened steel serrated jaw. This is designed in such a way that it will have an incredible grip to secure your workpiece.

There is also a swivel base. However, take note that it does not fully swivel. Nonetheless, it is almost a full rotation, so this can be already quite similar to those with a 36-degree rotation.

The polished anvil is another notable feature of this vise. With this, there is a small area where you can do other things, such as hammering metal.

How to Choose the Best Bench Vise

There are many brands and models of bench vises, but that does not mean that they can all deliver exceptional quality.

To help you make the right choice, below are the most important things to consider.


There are two types of bench vises depending on where they are positioned. Front vises are placed in front while end vises are secured at the back of the bench.

Bench vises can also be categorized based on their mounting type. You can choose between bolt-on or clamp-on bench vises based on your personal preferences


The material of the bench vise is important because of its direct impact on quality, especially durability.

Cast-iron is one of the best materials, which is known for being cheap and durable. If you are looking for a high-quality product, however, you should pick forged iron.


This is one of the most important parts of the bench vise as it holds the material in place. Pay attention to the jaw width. For most DIY tasks, a width of 4 to 5 inches will be enough.

Another important consideration is the jaw opening. Consider the materials or projects you will be working on to determine the right jaw opening.


If you want a more flexible bench vise, pick one that comes with a swivel feature. By being able to swivel the object, you can have better access and work easily.


This refers to a flat surface on the bench vise, which will provide space for hammering, hardening, and straightening. This will make the bench vise versatile.


This is one good feature to look for if you want the bench vise to be user-friendly. There is no need for manually twisting the spindle every time you want to remove the object from the jaw.

Tips for Using a Bench Vise

To make the most out of the bench vise that you will be using, here are important tips to keep in mind.

  • Pay attention to the proper installation of the bench vise. It should not be wobbly and must provide the support needed by the material you will be working on.
  • Inspect the vise regularly, especially the screws or the clamps. Also, watch out for cracks and other problems that could compromise performance.
  • Wear protective equipment when you are using the bench vise to secure materials for sanding, welding, drilling, and other similar activities.
  • Lubricate the bench vise as a part of regular cleaning and maintenance. This will help to ensure the smoothness of the moving parts.
  • When you are not using the bench vise, cover it. This will protect the tool from dust and dirt, among other things that could speed up wear.


Got questions about the best bench vise? Let’s answer some of them before we end this buying guide.

What is the function of a bench vise?

The main purpose of a bench vise is to hold an object so that you can work comfortably. It will put the object in a stable position like having a helping hand. It is used for sanding, welding, and drilling, among other activities.

Where do you put a bench vise?

The positioning of the bench vise will dictate its type. If it is a face vise, it is attached to the front. On the other hand, when it is an end vise, it is attached to the end of the bench.

How do you install a bench vise?

Bench vises have adjustable clamps that you have to attach on your bench to secure the tool in its position. Some models come with nuts and bolts, providing a better way to secure the vise on the bench.


The best bench vise is a non-negotiable when it comes to your workshop. This will secure the material you will be working on, acting like a helping hand.

From the type of bench vise to its different parts, there are many factors to consider. Go beyond price!

Consider the products mentioned above for a top-rated bench vise. We hope that our brief reviews can help you come up with a well-informed decision.

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