There are many options for distance measuring tools. Traditional choices include ruler, tape measure, measuring wheel, and a long tape reel, among others. For a device that is more accurate and user-friendly, we recommend that you use a laser distance measure instead.

Also called laser tape measure or laser distance finder, it is a modern replacement to a tape measure, especially when you are measuring distances within a range of 100 to 230 feet. It is simple and quick to use, making it a great alternative for distance measurements.

Looking for the best laser distance measure? If you can’t decide what to pick, keep on reading and learn from the insights we’ll share.

Benefits of Laser Distance Measure

Before we start, let’s first quickly look at some compelling reasons to invest in a laser distance measure. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, you will find it useful in more ways than one.

  • Accurate: The best thing about using laser devices as a measuring tool is their extreme accuracy.
  • Portable: It is just like a smartphone that you can keep in your pocket. You can easily bring it wherever you need to take measurements.
  • Fast: The result is available almost in an instant. Just point the beam and the screen immediately shows the reading.

Our Top Picks for the Best Laser Distance Measure

Below, we will have a quick round-up of the top options for the best laser measure 2019, including their notable features.

Bosch GLM50-C Bluetooth-Enabled Laser Distance Measure

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Trusted even by professionals, this laser distance measure from Bosch is sure to not disappoint. It has a maximum measuring range of 165 feet. The accuracy is up to 1/16-inch while it displays measurements in increments of 1/32-inch.

Compared to the models before this, it takes pride in having an upgraded color display. The backlight is also brighter, which improves its visibility. Even when you are working in dark areas, it is easy to see the measurement on its display.

The Bluetooth functionality is one thing that we like in this device. This makes it quick to transfer measurement data to another device.

You will also like the built-in inclinometer, which is another advanced function that this tool offers. This allows you to measure angles and stakeouts, not just distances.

In terms of design, this laser measurer is ready for the job site. It weighs only five ounces, so it will be lightweight. It also easily fits in your pocket or tool belt.

Bosch Blaze Pro 165’ Laser Distance Measure GLM165-40

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This mid-range device is a favorite of many people because it is from a reputable company. More than the brand name, it has a plethora of innovative features that set it apart from the competition.

The portability of this model is one of its best assets. It easily fits in your tool belt or pocket. Despite being compact, it is powerful. It has a maximum measuring range of 165 feet. Plus, it is also smart enough to store up to ten previous readings in its memory.

It also comes with a tough construction, assuring its ability to withstand the test of time. It has an IP54 rating, allowing it to withstand rain and dust.

The versatility of this laser measurer is also impressive. Aside from measuring distance, you can also use it for volume, area, and indirect measurements. Regardless, you can expect it to be accurate. The manufacturer claims that it has an accuracy of +/- 1/16-inch.

Ease of use is another good reason to choose this product. You just need to push a single button to initiate calculation of the distance.

Bosch GLR825 Laser Distance Measurer

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Many of you might be instantly discouraged from purchasing this product upon seeing its price. However, that should not be the case. Yes, it is expensive. But if the quality is what you are after, every dollar is sure to be worth it. This is a great pick for the pros with discerning preferences.

From the products that are included in this buying guide, this is the one with the longest distance measurement range. The maximum is 825 feet, making it a popular tool amongst construction workers. Meanwhile, the accuracy is 1/25-inch.

The precision laser technology, which has been exclusively developed by the company, is another notable feature. This makes you confident that the readings are precise.

Another good feature of this product is the 1.6x magnification viewfinder. This comes handy when you are using the device to take measurements outdoors.

Since it is made by Bosch you can expect that the construction is second to none, allowing it to withstand the test of time. It has an IP54 rating, which protects from dust and water.

Lastly, it has a built-in memory that allows it to store up to 30 readings, which is also one of the highest from the products that you will read about in this short guide.

Foneso Laser Distance Measurer

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With the precision laser technology that the manufacturer incorporates in this device, you can have peace of mind knowing that it provides accurate measurements. The measurements will be quick and effortless on your end. There is no need for guesswork! It has a maximum range of 328 feet, which is impressive compared to most of its competitors within the same price range.

Aside from distance, you can also use this tool for calculating volume and area, making it smart enough to work on its own. The laser tool calculates in an instant. All that you need is to point the laser to the endpoint and wait until the reading is available on the screen.

This is built to last for years. The manufacturer uses tough materials that can withstand wear. Based on the technical specifications from the manufacturer, the keyboard life is approximately 300,000 times. Meanwhile, the battery will last up to 15,000 measurements.

IEGeek Laser Distance Measure

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Like the product mentioned above, the maximum range that it can measure is also 328 feet. Even for professional applications, this can suffice. The measuring range will vary from .05 to 100m. The accuracy is +/- 2mm. It has two bubble levels, which is another feature responsible for making sure that it supplies accurate measurement.

To protect the unit against dust and dirt, it comes with a convenient pouch for storage, which can also double as a carrying case. There is a non-slip rubber molding that makes it effortless to grip the measuring tool, even when you have a slippery hand. It is also injection-molded to make it more durable. It is also worth noting that it has a waterproof construction, which makes it tough even for outdoor use.

Speaking of using the device outdoors, you don’t have to worry about having a hard time seeing the display. It has a bright backlight, so you can see the numbers whether you are using the tool day or night.

Leica Disto E7100i Laser Distance Measure

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This small and lightweight laser distance measure is packed with innovative features that make the price worth it.

Among others, one of the best features is the Bluetooth Smart Technology, which makes it effortless to share data with other users. You can easily connect it to a tablet or smartphone.

With regards to its range, the maximum measurement is 200 feet with an accuracy of 1/16-inch.

This device is eligible for the Leica Protect Warranty. After receiving the device, make sure to register it to the company’s website. This extends the warranty for three years without an additional cost on your end.

The hand removable clip is a good bonus. This makes it easy to clip the small device on your pants or jacket, making sure that you won’t misplace it in the job site.

Tacklife HD60 Classic Laser Measure

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If you are looking for a more affordable alternative to the model from Leica mentioned above, this will be a great choice. This Tacklife laser distance measure has two bubble levels to make it more accurate. The accuracy is at +/- 1/16-inch. Meanwhile, the maximum distance it measures is 196 feet.

At its price, it is packed with innovative features that are common in its higher-end counterparts. For instance, it has 30 data memory groups. It allows users to manually delete data. It also automatically shuts down after a period of inactivity, which is a great way to conserve battery.

The kit comes with a carrying case, which is good to protect it from dust and other external elements that can speed up wear. Meanwhile, the device itself is waterproof and dustproof, which makes it great even for outdoor use. The display is bright, so you can see it easily whether it is day or night.

For your peace of mind, the device comes with a limited 24-month warranty from the manufacturer.

Tacklife Advanced Laser Measure

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This is from the same company as the product above, so you can expect that they share a set of similar features. They are also both affordable, so this is a good choice for those who are on a tight budget.

The maximum measurement is also 196 feet and the accuracy is 1/16-inch. While it is accurate, however, the manufacturer recommends that you prevent using it in direct sunlight. This is because the light coming from the sun can obstruct the laser beam, which can affect the calculations.

You will love the versatility of this product as it offers multiple measurements. Aside from distance, you can also use it to calculate area, volume, and length.

The durability of this product is also notable. It withstands the rigors of the job as it has an IP54 rating, making it waterproof and dustproof.

Lastly, it comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Tacklife S3-100 Pro Laser Measure

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This is also from Tacklife. It is slightly more expensive than the two products above. The higher price is because of its more advanced features. For instance, it has a longer distance range at 328 feet compared to 196 feet. The accuracy is the same at +/- 1/16-inch.

Another highlight of this laser distance measure is the 2.25-inch backlit display, which is quite large. This means that you will be able to see clearly the values that are shown. Plus, its backlight is bright enough regardless if it is day or night.

The angular sensor that is built-in into the unit is one more thing that makes this an incredible product. It provides automatic angle readings while assuring its precision.

Like the two laser devices from Tacklife, you will also be happy to know that it is built to last through the years. It has protection from water and dust to keep it working at its best.

Keenstone Laser Measure

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Value for money – this is one thing that you can expect from this product. It is affordable, yet it has exceptional features that are comparable to the more expensive products on the market. It comes with laser view-enhancing glasses to see red-beam light even during the day. Plus, it also has a laser target card that you can put on the end of the target so that light will bounce back to the device.

Looking at its technical details, the measurement range is at a maximum of 196 feet, which is the standard amongst the products reviewed in this buying guide. Meanwhile, the accuracy is +/- 1/16-inch.

It is also worth noting that the unit comes with two bubble levels, which makes it more accurate compared to the devices with only one bubble.

The unit derives its power from two AAA batteries that are already provided by the manufacturer. On average, the new set of batteries can take up to 8,000 measurements before they call for replacements.

Urceri Laser Measure

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This measuring device is available in two variants – one with a maximum range of 131 feet and the other one is 197 feet. They both deliver an accuracy of +/- 2mm.

Like most of the tools that we have included on our list, it is also compact and portable. It easily fits in your palm and pocket. This tool is also lightweight. It has an ergonomic design, which makes it effortless and comfortable to grip. Plus, there are buttons in strategic positions that will be a snap to press. There are only five buttons, which make it user-friendly.

As for the display, it shows values in four rows. The screen is backlit, making it easy to see day or night. It can also store up to 30 measurements in its memory.

Lastly, the IP54 rating is also notable. It resists dust and water, making it durable and perfect even for tough jobs or applications.

Dewalt DW03050 Laser Measure Tool

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The mere fact that this is made by Dewalt can already make you confident that this is an exceptional product. It is important to note, however, that the manufacturer discontinued the production of this model. Nonetheless, there are still several units that are currently available for sale.

Aside from measuring distances, this model is also capable of measuring height. It uses the Pythagoras concept when either point A or B isn’t available for linear measurement.

The over-molded housing of the device is also a good feature. This makes it easy to grip, unlike others that can easily slip out of your hand. The design of the housing also adds to the durability of this measuring device.

To add, there is a two-line display that promises excellent visibility whether it is day or night.

Lastly, the unit is capable of storing up to five measurements in its memory.

Dewalt DW03101 Laser Distance Measurer

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Another entry from Dewalt, we highly recommend that you stay away from this product if you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative. This is one of the most expensive from the products that are included in this guide. The price, however, is sure to be worth it.

The maximum distance that it can measure is 330 feet. The accuracy, meanwhile, is 1/32-inch. It has a 3-line display that also comes with a backlight, making it easy to see the measurements. Plus, it has a memory function that can store up to 20 past readings. This is better than the Dewalt laser measurer above that can only store five readings.

The over-molded case is also impressive. It allows the unit to resist dust and water as it has a rating of IP65. This also allows it to withstand drops of up to six feet.

Lastly, this also makes a great choice if you are looking for versatility. It comes with an inclinometer. It allows you to level surfaces and identify angles accurately, just like the measurements that it takes.

How to Choose the Best Laser Measure

With too many options, which one should you choose? To help you narrow down the possibilities, below are the crucial factors to consider.

  • Accuracy: This is the most important consideration. To know about the accuracy of the laser measurer, it is best to read reviews from actual users. Their real-life experiences will give you an idea of the accuracy of the device.
  • Range: It is the minimum and maximum distance the device can measure. Most can measure 100 feet at a minimum, which is more than enough if you are just a DIY enthusiast. If you are a pro, you might need one that has a longer measurement range.
  • Ease of Use: Choose a laser distance measure that is designed to be user-friendly. It should have controls in strategic positions. Choosing the desired mode should be easy. It is also necessary to have a display that is easy to see.
  • Memory: It is also good if it can save past readings for your future reference. The basic models can save at least the last five readings.
  • Size: The goal is to find one that is compact and portable. This makes it easy to fit the device on your pocket. It should also be small enough to fit in your palm while making sure that you can still easily see the display.
  • Battery Life: A laser distance measure is a portable device that has a battery as its source of power. Consider how long the battery lasts. On average, they last up to 10,000 measurements before the battery drains.
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use: It is also important to determine whether you will use it indoors or outdoors. Most are used only indoors since it is difficult to see the beam of laser light outdoors.


If the discussion above did not address your concerns, this section might help.

How Does a Laser Distance Measure Work?

Like using a traditional tape measure, you need to position the device at one end of the distance you intend to measure. Point the laser beam towards the endpoint of the distance you want to measure. Press a button once the light hits a solid spot at the other end and look at the screen to see the reading.

Who Uses a Laser Distance Measure?

Anyone who needs help in measuring distances accurately and quickly will benefit from owning a laser distance measure. Specifically, it comes handy for construction workers, insurance adjusters, flooring installers, architects, interior designers, and engineers, among others.

Why is a Laser Measurer Accurate?

The accuracy of a laser measuring device is because it uses light, which is unbendable. It travels in a straight line. This allows it to make the measurements precise. The light pulse shoots straight to the endpoint and back to the device.


If you need to measure distances, don’t do it the traditional way! Instead, it is best to invest in the best laser distance measure, including those we have listed above. Laser measurers are accurate, portable, and fast, making them a great alternative to tape measures and other conventional methods of taking measurements.

Have you used a laser distance measure before? Is there anything you would like to add to our recommendations? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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