Grinding is one of the common tasks in many work environments. Whether it is a small portable grinder or a large one with a fixed base, it can be a serious risk in the workplace. Proper training is crucial to its users. More importantly, workers should equip themselves with the right personal protective equipment.

Among others, a face shield is one of the most important safety equipment in workplaces where grinding is performed. It is a mask with a transparent shield to protect the face while making sure of the clarity of vision.

Looking for the best face shield for grinding? To help you make the right decision, keep on reading and learn from the valuable insights we’ll share.


Our Top Picks for the Best Face Shield for Grinding

Ready to get started? Below are the top products that should be on your radar and the features that make them notable.

Honeywell S8510 Uvex Bionic Face Shield

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If you are looking for a dependable protective gear for grinding, this face shield from Honeywell should be on the top of the list. Even if you go online, you’ll see that this is well-received by many of its users.

Among others, one thing that we like the most is the full-shield design to provide maximum protection. From the chin to the top of the head, it protects the head effectively. More than the protection, its visual clarity is also unmatched. The manufacturer uses state-of-the-art optics, making sure that you will see clearly when grinding. The clear polycarbonate lens also has an anti-fog coating for the best performance in a variety of environments.

Ease of use is another good reason to consider this face shield over many of its competitors. There is a ratcheting headgear that secures the fit and allows effortless adjustments. The manufacturer claims that you can set the face shield in up to 2,784 possible positions.

It is also worth noting that this face shield comes with dielectric construction, which means that it can provide safety even in work environments where there are electrical hazards. Nonetheless, to protect the eyes, the manufacturer recommends that you do not use it alone. Instead, use it with protective eyewear.

For versatility, multiple tints are available, users can change the visors depending on the clarity that they prefer. Good thing, changing the visor will be a snap.

Sellstrom S32010 Face Shield

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This is an affordable face shield with rugged construction. It can withstand many years of use without compromising its performance. It uses clear polycarbonate lens as its main material, guaranteeing not only longevity but also the clarity of vision.

The natural curvature of the face shield is one of its best assets. This gives it an ergonomic shape, allowing it to fit comfortably on the face. It also optimizes the protection it provides against hazards associated with grinding.

For additional comfort, there is also a sweat-absorbent headband. Aside from securing the fit on your head, it absorbs sweat quickly to keep your head dry and cool as you work.

Another notable feature of this model is the shade 5 coating for the polycarbonate lens. It protects the eyes and skin from ultraviolet and infrared radiation that are common when you are grinding.

Sellstrom S32161 DP4 Multipurpose Flip Front Face Shield

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This is from the same manufacturer as the face shield mentioned above, and they share a set of exceptional features that you are sure to love. It is a convenient and multipurpose system, making it useful beyond grinding.

The versatility of its design is notable. There is a clear polycarbonate lens in a fixed position, protecting the entire face. To add, there is a flip IR window that you can position up or down depending on what you need.

It also comes with a ratchet headgear suspension, which is a common feature in the products included in our recommendations. This allows users to easily customize the fit of the shield. To add, the front part has natural curves that follow the contours of the face, making sure of your comfort.

Lastly, the shield comes with a shade 6 rating. The shield is effective in diffusing orange glow from sodium emissions.

No Cry 6-in-1 Industrial Forestry Helmet and Hearing Protection

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Technically, the manufacturer markets this product as a forestry helmet. Nonetheless, with its versatile design and functionality, we cannot see any reason why this won’t be equally effective when you use it for grinding.

Among others, this is well-loved because of its versatility. It delivers six functions in one product. For grinding, the function that you will find most useful is the transparent shield that protects the face. It is also a good thing that it comes with ear protection, which will protect your hearing when grinding in a loud environment. If there is a risk of falling objects, you’ll also love how it comes with a hard hat.

The fully-adjustable fit is another good thing about this face shield. This is perfect for everyone. You can easily customize its fit depending on the size of your head or what you find to be most comfortable.

Lincoln Electric Omni-Shield Professional Face Shield

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One of the best things about this face shield is the full-view cover, which will provide an uninterrupted view of whatever you are grinding. There are no obstructions. To add, the lens also has an anti-fog treatment, which helps to maintain its clarity in a variety of environments.

Worried about the durability of the face shield? This should not be a concern as the lens has a scratch-resistant coating that makes it less prone to visible damages. It improves the abrasion resistance of the lens to prolong its lifespan.

To add, the lens is also notable because the manufacturer claims that it is 190% thicker compared to the polycarbonate lens that you will find in most of its competitors.

For your comfort, this face shield offers thick cushioning on the front and back. This eliminates pressure points. It also has a well-balanced design. Plus, the back part remains open for ventilation.

3M Ratchet Headgear H8A

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The mere fact that it is from 3M, a globally reputable brand, is already a good reason to consider this product over most of its competitors. This is good because it combines head and face protection in one product. Nonetheless, take note that this is not a substitute for a hard hat.

The face shield is made of polycarbonate, which is the same material that is used in most of the products included in our recommendations. It is clear and molded to follow the natural contour of the face. It also passed tests to prove its ability to withstand impacts.

For adjustability, several features allow users to customize its fit. For instance, there is a 13-position ratchet system. This is made even better with the inclusion of a 5-position crown strap for several adjustments depending on the most comfortable fit.

3M 90028-80025 Face Shield

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Another entry from 3M, this is another incredible face shield that you should not miss. The viewing window is also made of polycarbonate. By now, you would already know that polycarbonate is the gold standard when it comes to materials for face shields. It is lightweight, durable, and provides optimal clarity of vision.

It has a crown protector that is made using high-strength thermoplastic. If you work in an environment where there is a risk of falling objects, take note that this won’t provide the protection that you need.

US Forge 99111 Full-Face Grinding Shield

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If you are looking for an affordable face shield, this is another product that should be on your radar. More than its price, the lightweight construction of this face shield is one more thing that we love. This won’t be a burden for you to wear, even if you’ll be grinding for an extended period.

The poly-type molded plastic has great clarity, making sure that you will see what you are working on. Nonetheless, unlike its higher-end counterparts, the surface seems to be easily prone to scratches, so you have to be extra careful to prevent physical damages.

It is also a good thing that the face shield is large enough to accommodate other safety gears that you will need when grinding, such as safety glasses and earmuffs.

Bio-Mask Face Shield with 10 Shields

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Value for money – this is one of the best things that you can expect from this face shield. While it is affordable, it is made even better by the inclusion of ten free replacement shields.  These shields can provide full-face protection against splatters and sprays, among others that can reach your face when grinding.

Weighing less than one ounce, you will also love the lightweight construction of this face shield. Meaning, this won’t be too much of a burden, even if you expect to grind for an extended period. A lot of people try to stay away from face shields because they are heavy and comfortable. Good thing, this face shield is different.

The face shield comes with an adjustable band, assuring its superior fit. You can easily customize the fit while making sure that it stays secure on your head.

SAS Safety 5145 Deluxe Clear Face Eye Shield

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One of the best features that you will like in this face shield is the impact-resistant construction of the lens, which makes it durable. This isn’t one of those that will quickly call for a replacement. The lens also has a curved fit that allows it to stay close to the face for optimal protection and comfort.

To adjust the ratchet, all that you need to do is to push and turn. This is straightforward compared to others with a complicated system for adjusting the fit even when wearing the face shield and when using only one hand, you will be able to easily customize its fit and position.

Safety Works Adjustable Headgear with Face Shield

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Like most of the products that are mentioned in this buying guide, this model passed third-party tests and has certifications from reputable organizations to prove its superior quality. This should be more than enough to provide peace of mind.

It comes with a cam lock where you can easily attach the visor. There is generous space available between the visor and the face, making you comfortable. This also allows it to accommodate safety glasses and even respirators, among other safety gears that you might need to wear when grinding.

Unlike other high-end face shields, however, it is not made of polycarbonate. This makes it less durable, so pay attention to its care and maintenance. Nonetheless, the material is lightweight, so it won’t be difficult to wear it even for a long time.

Zenport FS825 Face Shield with Adjustable Mesh Visor

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Before we look at the features of this face shield, let’s first talk about one thing – it’s mesh visor. Unlike others with a solid block of shield usually made of polycarbonate, this product has a mesh visor. There are tiny holes in the visor, which makes it easy for dust particles to get through. This makes it not as protective as the other products. Also, it is a must to wear eye protection.

If there is one thing that we love about mesh, it would be its breathability. It has exceptional ventilation, which helps wearers to stay cool while grinding. You can also easily adjust the angle or position of the visor, especially if you have to wear other protective gears as you work.

ATD Tools 3746 Full-Face Grinding Shield

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This is proof that you don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy decent quality. This may not be from a brand that many of you may recognize, but it offers good functionality that can give you peace of mind when grinding.

As most of our recommendations, it also features a ratcheting headgear, which allows easy adjustments for customization of its fit.

For the best value for money, you will also love how it comes with two shields. One is clear and the other has a no.3 shade. Both of the shields are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate, the same material that you will see in its higher-end competitors.

Magid Glove & Safety IHG7RK8154 Face Shield

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This face shield comes with a black impact-resistant polypropylene, which is pretty much a bargain considering its price. Like the one from ATD Tools, this face shield won’t break the bank without compromising its functionality.

You will also love the universal hole configuration, which allows it to accommodate a variety of accessories to improve the safety it provides to its users.

Many people also love the tough construction of this face shield, which the manufacturer claims to be made for the tough outdoors. It is made using weather-resistant materials, which is also why you can expect this to be great when it comes to durability.

Neiko 53819A Safety Face Shield

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Grinding is sure to be a lot easier and safer when you are using this Neiko face shield. It offers full-face protection while meeting ANSI standards, so you can be sure that its effectiveness has been tested by a third-party.

The ratchet suspension is fully-adjustable. You can customize the fit both on the front and back parts to secure its position on the head for maximum protection without sacrificing your comfort. The head strap also comes with soft padding. This is unlike others made of abrasive materials that can cause friction and might make the face shield uncomfortable when working, especially if you are grinding for an extended period.

Lastly, we also like the super-tough polycarbonate construction of the lens. It is not easily prone to external damages, which lengthens its functional life.

How to Choose the Best Face Shield for Grinding

While there are many options for protective face shields when grinding, not all of them can be exceptional. To help you narrow down the possibilities, here are the important factors to consider.

  • Weight: Especially if you are grinding for an extended period, the weight of the face shield is important for your comfort. Otherwise, it will be a burden to wear it and you will easily feel tired.
  • Visibility: The face shield will be useless if there is a poor-quality viewing window. It should be as clear as possible, which means that you will easily see what you are working on. This is also crucial for your safety.
  • Fit: This is another thing that will be influential in your comfort. It should not be too tight or too loose. The best one is a face shield that offers adjustability, allowing you to easily customize the fit depending on the size of your head.

Safety Precautions when Grinding

While it helps to wear a face shield, this is not your only line of defense to stay safe when grinding. To stay safe and sound, take note of the safety precautions we’ll briefly talk about below:

  • Inspect the grinder before use. Make sure that it is working properly. Familiarize yourself with how it works if it is different from the one you regularly use. Inspect the safety guards and other features that will prevent injuries.
  • Always refer to the manual from the manufacturer and religiously follow the instructions on how to use the grinder. Take note of their safety reminders.
  • Be mindful of the speed of the grinding wheel. Different machines will have different capabilities in terms of the maximum speed it can handle. Make sure to not go beyond what the manufacturer recommends.
  • See to it that the grinder is held firmly in place. Whatever you are grinding, make sure as well that the material is stable.
  • It is also crucial to properly maintain the grinding equipment. This will make them less prone to problems and will lessen the likelihood that it will cause injuries to its users.


Got questions about face shields and grinding? In this section, we’ll try to answer some of them.

When Should Face Shields Be Worn?

A face shield is a piece of personal protective equipment that you should wear and use not only when grinding but in activities with similar risks. When there is a risk of exposure to molten chemicals, flying objects, and chemical gases, among other hazards, a face shield is a must. Exposure to extreme heat and high-velocity impact hazards will also be a reason to wear a face shield.

What is the Difference Between Safety Glasses, Goggles, and Face Shields?

While they are both essential personal protective equipment, there are some differences between the three in terms of design and functionality. Safety glasses leave a small space to allow air to get it. Goggles, on the other hand, have a tight fit on the face. Face shields, meanwhile, provide maximum protection. A risk assessment needs to be carried out to determine the right eye safety equipment.

How Do You Clean Your Face Shield?

To prolong the lifespan of the face shield and ensure its optimal functionality, pay attention to its care and maintenance. The easiest way to clean it is to use warm water and a few drops of mild soap. Use a soft brush to remove dirt on the surface. Dry it out thoroughly before storage or use.

Should You Wear Protective Glasses When Wearing Face Shields?

For maximum face protection, we recommend that you also wear safety glasses in addition to the face shield. This protects not only the face but even the eyes. Choose a face shield that is large enough, which allows it to accommodate glasses on your face.


Grinding is done to correct the shape of a piece, polish to improve smoothness, or make it sharper. It may seem like a simple task, but it has accompanying hazards. This makes it important to use the best face shield for grinding, including our recommendations above. They provide the highest level of protection while keeping you comfortable, making sure that you’ll be able to concentrate.

Are there other tips you would like to share? Is there any face shield you would like to add on our list? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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